The Academy at Mingus Union High School



The Academy at Mingus Union High School is an alternative classroom setting that offers a full-time online learning experience for students in unique situations. We accommodate students who may fit one or more of the criteria below:

  •  Returning Seniors, also referred to as "5th Year Seniors"
  •  Students who are missing 4+ credits
  •  Students who struggle in the regular classroom and have gone through several documented interventions with their teacher, counselor, & parents
  •  A returning student who has previously dropped out of school
  •  Students who need an alternative classroom setting due to medical reasons
  •  Students who have been administratively placed in The Academy

In order to determine if The Academy is the right place for your child, or you as a student, you must schedule an appointment with Ms. Forbes, the Academy Director. A meeting will need to be scheduled with the student and parent/guardian present. In special circumstances a counselor or administrator for Mingus Union High School upper campus may need to be present.

If the student has attended Mingus Union High School in the past, a schedule change may be initiated. If the student has not attended Mingus Union High School, s/he will need to complete the enrollment process, including completing the enrollment packet, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

To contact Ms. Forbes to schedule an appointment, you can call her at 928-649-4446 or email